About Us

Persian-Kitten.com is where you will see our beautiful CFA Champion Designer Persian Kittens and Persian Cats without extreme faces.

We take pride in raising Beautiful Healthy Kittens in our CFA Certified Cattery of Excellence and are a cageless-no cat enclosures home where the needs of our Persian Kittens are at the forefront of all we do. Our Kittens are never isolated in any way and allowed to go anywhere they want to go in our clean stress free, environmentally friendly home. All our Persian Kittens & Persian Cats are members of our family, and cared and loved for as our own children. We intentionally limit the amount of breeding cats we have. We are small so that we can devote all our attention to our Kittens & Cats.

All the persian kitten images on our website are kittens we have bred and raised at our home based cattery. Not stock or stolen photos like many other pet scammer websites use. Beware and do your research when looking to add a persian kitten to your family. Read our "How to Spot a Scammer Persian Kittens Website" on our Blog Page.

Our Persian Cats are our cherished pets, which is why we never have "retired" cats. We are Persian Cat Breeders with more than 2 decades of breeding and show experience, & over 3 decades of both human and feline nutrition experience. We're Persian Cat Breeders of the most sought after and rare lynx color point persian himalayans: cream point, flame points, lilac point persians, blue eyed white persians, shaded, the very rare almost one of a kind shaded blue silver persian kittens, and shaded golden persian kittens. Our cream points persian himalayans are especially light and look like pure white persian kittens. Our girl kittens are very petite, and grow to an average of 5-6 lbs, & our boys are 10~11 lbs at the heaviest. None of our male kittens spray!!!

Our Kittens have very distinct looks~sweet wide open faces, full kissable cheeks, & big round expressive crystal blue eyes, also known as the Baby DollFace Persian Kitten. All our Kittens have plush, elegant, long full and glossy coats, thick full lions manes-also called "rough," & flowing thick tails. We have worked to "design" kittens that meet Champion breed standards without extreme faces! The Persian Kittens ® has the most adorable and loving kittens you'll ever experience. Not only are our kittens lap kittens that purr as soon as they are touched, they are also very playful, outgoing & attentive, & love to follow you around~they act a lot like little puppies! We are rewarded everyday with the immense love of our Cats and Kittens, and rewarded with the updates on how fulfilled our Proud Owners are with our Persian Kittens.

Health & Interaction at Persian kittens.

Our kittens are the healthiest kittens, both physically and emotionally. In an effort to maintain the integrity of the breed and health of mother and her kittens, we limit the amount of times actual mating occurs. We want the best in looks, health, genetics, and want to maintain The Persian Kittens CFA Championship lines. Play and interation increases physical coordination and social skills. Our persian kittens are touched and played with everyday, we sing to them, we include our kittens in all family activities, bathe, groom, massage (yes massage--they all love it and it has been found to heal sick and shy kittens!). We include comb outs into their daily interaction and play activities. Which is one of the reasons all our kittens love to be touched, and never shy away from people. Mommie is massaged while she nurses-which makes "happy milk," and happy kittens! Our persian kittens are well trained by the sixth week, and answer to their names (see them answer to names as soon as their eyes open in our persian kittens videos)!

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